How Venom was born in….our universe

In a parallel universe, where the world only has good things, no crimes, no wars, no poor and rich. A world full of light and dreaming.

One day, a pretty spider gave Peter Parker a strong growth hormone, just with the thought of sharing the good things to other people. You know, the arachnid doesn’t thing much about the Karma, especially in the place of all good things like that, people even don’t know what is it. Peter fortunately has the super power but he doesn’t know what to do with it, the only best thing came to him is just the title “Shipper of the year”. The super power seems to be very useless when there is no crimes and the good things are just like water and air around you. This is the most boring universe that I even know.

Till one day, Nvidia released the RTX 9090Ti, but with the salary of a shipper, he just has it in his dreams. He saw a bank in the corner, start thinking about his super power… And so that Venom appears. That world has a new dark color, the universe become more interesting. As you see, sometime the bad things still can make life more colorful, a dark corner can make the good things less boring. With Vitky Keycap, you can have your own dark corner to colour your keyboard.

Some years later, the pretty spider once again have to give his hormone to make Spiderman.

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